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With the summer right around the corner and the spring season now upon us, it’s time to kick your Ram truck into gear and get out and do all your favorite activities. Being pinned up all winter isn’t much fun, but now is the season for off-roading and exploring. This time of the year also provides the perfect weather for family trips to the lake which means towing duties for your Ram truck. Whatever you choose to do one thing is for sure, it’s always done better in a Ram!

Although, with more activities for your Ram truck to conquer there’s also more chances of your truck’s awesome paint job taking more punishment. Water, mud, and sand are just a few of the things that can all affect your trucks coat. But, there is good news. If  you follow these easy tips your Ram truck will be shining brightly the entire spring and summer months.

Wash It Often

Of course, this may sound obvious, but washing your car often will greatly improve your chances of surviving these seasons without seeing effects to your Ram truck’s paint. Washing your Ram truck once or twice a month is ideal, but washing it every week would make for an superb effort. Washing will remove the surface debris’ that can cause you damage such as bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap.

Spend Time Drying

Drying off your Ram truck is a very important step to the washing process that shouldn’t be skipped. Taking the proper amount of time to thoroughly dry your truck will ensure that any leftover dirt or other deposits are removed from the paint as well. There’s nothing worse than dirt streaks appearing after a solid wash.

Wax it Down

Wax is responsible for protecting your vehicle from scratches and fading. It does this by providing a barrier between your paint and the environments you encounter while driving. Wax also improves your paint’s longevity by decreasing the overall temperature of your Ram truck.

Keep It Out of the Sun

Perhaps the number one enemy of a nice paint job is long periods of exposure to extreme sunlight. If you leave your Ram truck out to sit in the sun for too long you’ll experience cracking, fading, and dulling. Keep your truck inside of a garage, carport or in the shade whenever possible to prevent these problems.

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