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It’s that time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves are turning red, orange and yellow. It’s also the time when owning a Ram truck can make you a hero with your friends and family.

What better way to enjoy the fall season than having a nice hayride through the countryside.

No truck comes more ready to take on a hayride than a Ram pickup that boasts several models that lead their class in hauling and payload capacity. Just what you need for a fun and safe trip!


  • A Ram truck

  • A secured route through fields, woods or countryside

  • A flatbed trailer (must have railing)

  • 1 or 2 dozen bales of Texas hay, depending on the size of the trailer

  • Family and friends

  • A clear fall night

  • Blankets if weather is chilly like preferred

  • Snacks and hot chocolate

  • Music


  1. Find a route, like a dirt road with little to no traffic, or a drivable trail through fields and wooded areas. Make sure the route displays great fall scenery. Also select a route long enough to be traveled at low speed for a duration of half an hour or more.

  1. Get your Ram truck hooked up to a flatbed trailer with railing. Don’t worry, with towing max of up to 17,9580 lbs you’ll get the job done just fine!

  1. Pick a driver and have them test out the trail beforehand already attached to the trailer. Make sure they become familiar with any bumps and curves and make note of them for the actual ride.

  1. Load the hay into the trailer. Cover the floor of the trailer with a layer of bales. Place another layer of bales along the railing and in the center to make bench-like seating.

  1. Load up the snacks, hot chocolate and blankets.

  1. Time to gather your family and friends! Once everyone is loaded on the trailer and comfortably seated turn on some good music and begin to ease down the trail!

  1. Enjoy the fall scenery and peaceful vibes!


This is an event that is meant to be fun, cheerful and relaxing. Keep it that way by always following these rules.

  • Don’t allow small children to ride unaccompanied.

  • NEVER exceed 10 miles per hour.

  • Avoid unplanned detours with passengers on the trailer. Only travel the route you have assessed.

  • Stay seated and don’t lean over railing.

  • Don’t throw things in or outside of the trailer

Bruner Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Stephenville, Texas has a lot of Ram trucks for your hayride to show you today! Come by and give your friends a visit, but first check out our line-up of Ram trucks HERE!

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